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BABLA RAKHI is an online Rakhi (राखी) Store especially set up for all those Sisters who want to send rakhi to India and strengthen their eternal bond with their Brothers. BABLA RAKHI believes, "BOND MATTERS, BOUNDARIES DON'T" and this thought motivates us to help sisters be with their brothers on this auspicious day and show their love by sending rakhi to India, from anywhere they are.

Reasons for sisters to choose BABLA RAKHI to send rakhi to India:


  1. HUGE COLLECTION as well as DIVERSE VARIETY, almost 500+ Rakhis to choose from.
  2. FREE SHIPPING with Timely home delivery
  3. Rakhis with PERSONAL TOUCH, i.e. sisters can send Rakhi to India with (Sweets, chocolates, cookies, dry fruits, pooja thali, greetings & other gift hampers).
  4. Best & Unique Rakhi Packages @ LOWEST RATES.
  5. We assure you highly secure and safe transaction for buying/booking Online Rakhi from anywhere around the world.

Many Sisters who resides locally as well as overseas are in a dilemma as how to send rakhi to their Indian Brothers in USA. Apparently due to following reasons:

  1. Unavailability of Rakhi Store in their neighborhood (particularly in Foreign Countries)
  2. Vast Distance and limited resources for selection

BABLA RAKHI is a Virtual Rakhi Store that not just avails a chance to buy rakhi online (from anywhere) but lets all the sisters to send rakhi to USA and other parts of the world to their Indian brothers. Sisters can also courier special gifts and hampers alongwith rakhi for their brothers, i.e. Cards, Chocolates and Other exciting goodies depending on personal choices. Top of this, company's wide and agile mail delivery network ensures deliverance of rakhi in almost all the states of USA ON-TIME.


Reasons to choose BABLA RAKHI to send Rakhi to USA

  1. Years of experience in delivering rakhi on time
  2. We assure you the best and unique varieties of rakhis
  3. No hidden cost and same price throughout the world
  4. Best & Unique Rakhi Packages @ LOWEST RATES.

Approx. 1.5% (341,000 to 22,000,000) of Australian Population is consisted of Indians, as per the estimates of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). These Indians in Australia celebrate, enjoy and bond with their relatives during community and festival events (like Raksha Bandhan) held and hosted by the cultural bodies.

Although such communal gatherings and unions help to be around the close ones; there is always a wish in every Indian to be together with their siblings on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan - a festival of Love and Care between Brothers and Sisters.

BABLA RAKHI with its Online Rakhi Store provides a chance to all the sisters to show and express their affection and care towards their brothers by sending Rakhi to Australia. Not only that, it also helps to prepare a personalized package of Rakhi with special items like Gifts and Goodies, Chocolates and Cards to convey the warmth and cordiality.

BABLA RAKHI just tries to stand by the Indian Siblings on the propitious occasion and for it "BOND MATTERS, BOUNDARIES DON'T"

Sending Rakhi to Brothers is a long followed cultural legacy and an old ritual performed and practiced customarily by all the Indian Sisters across the world. On the very special day (i.e. full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan in the lunar calendar) called Raksha Bandhan, females (sisters) either tie or send Rakhi to the males (brothers) reminding of the Siblinghood between them.

BABLA RAKHI with its Online Rakhi Store helps all the sisters to choose the best of rakhis and hampers from their collection. Not Only that, Despite the Diaspora sisters get to send rakhi to their brothers FROM ANYWHERE TO EVERYWHERE (provided they have the access to the internet to buy Rakhi & Hampers).

With BABLA RAKHI, sending Rakhi to/from Canada or any other destination is as affordable as buying a thing from a local store. Moreover, with its agile mailing network and FREE SHIPPING AROUND THE WORLD, it is one of the preferred online Rakhi Shops for majority of Indians across the globe.

Besides buyers trust BABLA RAKHI because for them "BOND MATTERS, BOUNDARIES DON'T"

Europe, especially United Kingdom (UK) has a chunk of Indian Population with many migrating each year either for studies or for jobs. Due to this relocation, it becomes difficult for students, job seekers and other migrants to keep in touch with the family and the siblings particularly on festivals like Raksha Bandhan.

BABLA RAKHI is an ideal Online Rakhi Store that narrows the virtual gap between the siblings. It lets all the Indian sisters to buy a special rakhi for their brother(s) and send it to them for FREE (i.e. with No Shipping Charges). Along with a huge variety and unique collection of 500+ Rakhis, it offers a chance to personalize the rakhi pack by adding gifts, goodies and sweets.

Moreover to complete the Perfect Rakhi Package, it provides


        which cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to Customer, when they purchase a rakhi from BABLA RAKHI.


      1. So sisters who want to send rakhi to/from UK can choose BABLA RAKHI because for them "


    1. "


Indians residing Overseas usually can’t get along with their families and so do their natives staying in the homeland; especially on religious ceremonies and festivals that bind them together. One such occasion is Raksha Bandhan, the day on which all Indian siblings want to be around and most importantly AVAILABLE for each other.

BABLA RAKHI understands the sentiment and is consciously aware of the significance this tradition holds in the hearts of Indians. It therefore wants to avail its Online Rakhi Store for every Indian sister who likes to buy and send rakhi to her brother(s).

The store not just offers a good variety of rakhis but allows the sisters to personalize the rakhi package to be sent to their brothers, i.e. it lets the sisters to add on Goodies and Hampers depending on their personal choices.

The package items do not finish there; BABLA RAKHI makes the package more special by adding COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS like


  1. A CHOCOLATE to add and enhance the sweetness of the relationship;
  2. A GREETING CARD to express the LOVE, CARE and WARMTH and;
  3. ROLI CHAWAL that articulate the sisters’ prayers for Brothers’ Glory

The above mentioned 3 items are absolutely FREE and cost nothing to customer when they buy rakhi from BABLA. Further there is no charge for SHIPMENT of RAKHI so sisters can send rakhi to anywhere with NO EXTRA CHARGES to be borne for REGULAR SHIPMENT.

And there’s 1 more reason to buy rakhi from BABLA RAKHI STORE; i.e. for them "BOND MATTERS, BOUNDARIES DON'T"