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‘I Did Not Receive a Rakhi’- Value of Rakhi from a Brother’s Point of View

(Caution! Hold onto your nerves tightly. This letter/note from a brother may make you cry or may blow your mind away)

Our immaturity never allowed us to understand the value of having a compassionate mother, a responsible father, and an interfering/irritating yet always caring brother or sister. And as soon as we grow older, we regret not giving importance to all of them during immaturity. You know what? Even after all this, these people are the one that still love us, no matter how rudely we behaved with them, no matter how irritating we were in front of them. And this is what I call- true love.
While pondering over the last year’s monsoon, I suddenly realized that soon there will be Rakshabandhan (on 18th of August, 2016).


But this time, my hurrah is more due to the eagerness of getting a Rakhi from my sister than the festival leaves I get during those days from office. Yes. I am eagerly waiting for that one Rakhi from my sister this year. You know why I am waiting this year for the Rakhi? And why my hurrah is more sentimental than selfish this year? The answer is- Because, I did not receive one from my sister past year.

Yes. She failed to send me a Rakhi due to some reasons, and I had to buy it myself from the market. Though I am used to tying it myself and wrap it around my wrist with a double knot at the end to make it look sensible on my wrist because my sister lives abroad; but I was never used to buying a Rakhi myself from the market, until last year.

My sister never failed to send me Rakhi though she lives out of the country. But she certainly did fail last year.

For the first time in my life I got to understand the value of Rakhi. You know what? The Rakhi I bought was nothing but a decorative thread, but the one my sister used to send was something more. That just was not a mere thread, it had FEELINGS in it. It literally had feelings in it.

The Rakhi that my sister used to send always made me feel secure and it was like she’s with me all the time though she is not there. A simple mere thread made me feel secure always. It completed me always, and I never felt like being alone ever.

But the thread I bought last year was nothing but a mere thread. I was not even able to feel it even though it was tied around my wrist for almost 5 months. It was nothing but a thread full of desolate feelings and kept me reminding that my sister failed to send me a Rakhi. Maybe she doesn’t love me anymore? For the first time in myself I was giving some thoughts to a mere thread my sister used to send me always. It was like sort of boring for me always until 2015. Before this, at times I used to count it as nothing but an investment made by my sister; the return of which was immediate and obviously profitable.

But this year, I certainly realized the value of my sister’s love towards me. I do not wish to stretch the tale. I just wish to get a Rakhi from my sister this year, hopefully.

I was sort of cynical throughout my life, until last year. If someone from the heaven lands in front of me now at this very moment and asks me to make a wish, I will just ask him to take me back to the time in the past when I was an idiot immature and stubborn kid, so that I can rectify my mistakes- The disrespect I used to show towards my sister, the cruel fight over little things with her, the uncaring nature I had and I still have (maybe), and above all, not understanding the value of her godlike love towards me.

Her love was always like a shield all around me, protecting me from demons. (I still am astonished about how these colorful simple threads sold by those small shop keepers turn into a divine thread full of feelings)