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Keeping The Rakhsha Bandhan Tradition Alive With Bablarakhi

Remember the days when you would fight with your brother like crazy over matters like stealing goodies or candies, or pulling each other’s hair? Also remember how your mother would always teach you to share chocolates or sweets with your little brother? Or how she would always instruct you “I am going out and I don’t want your brother to go out of the home in my absence and get hurt, so please take care of him till I am back”.Now that we have grown up, we remember our childhood days of fun and frolic and badly miss being together with our siblings. Well that is how brother-sister relationship is.

As we grow, we get involved in studies and finishing our school assignments and other curriculum activities. All of this takes away most of our time of the day and we are left with very little time to spend with our siblings. And this begins to happen more frequently as we step into adulthood. However, this doesn’t mean that we forget them when we are all grown up; rather we remember them more now. Such is the relationship of siblings or brother-sister. It makes us more emotional. Sisters always feel secure and protected around their brothers, and brothers always feel protective about their sisters all the time, no matter where and in whose company they are.

So when the festival of Rakhsha bandhan nears, brothers and sisters begin to miss each other even more. The feeling of being away from their siblings makes it all the more worse for them. Well!Someone rightly said, to everything, there is a solution! Here too there is one. Babla Rakhi, an online rakhi store, enables sisters to send rakhis to their brothers residing outside India. On the auspicious occasion of Raksha bandhan,the online store bridges the distance between siblings and creates an emotional setu between them. Since ages, the Ram Setu Bandh has been a symbol of Hindu faith and similar to this is the bond of love between

Brother and Sister – a bond that symbolizes purity and has stood the test of the time.

The story of Ram Setu Bandh goes back to the ancient time, when Lord Rama with the help of his vanarasena (monkey army) built the setu to reach out to Mata Sita, who was kidnapped by Ravana in his lanka. Setu meaning‘bridge’was first mentioned in the epic Ramayana written by Valmiki. According to the ancient Hindu scripture, Ram SetuBandh was built by vanarasenato rescue Mata Sitafrom the clutches of Ravana, the king of the lanka.

So today, when preserving our age-old culture has become inevitable, Babla Rakhi is doing precisely what is required. The online rakhi store helps bridges the geographical distances between brothers and sisters residing at different locations and enables them to send rakhis and gifts to each other and stay connected. With this noble endeavor, Babla Rakhi bridges the gap and spreads happiness all over. Babla Rakhi, is thus the only destination for brothers and sisters separated by geographical distances, to keep the tradition and the sacred bond of love alive!