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Raksha Bandhan Date 2020

Raksha Bandhan 2020 is on 3rd August, Monday

Raksha bandhan is the most popular Indian- festival among all others where there is a ritual of tying thread on brother’s wrist by sister. It is celebrated on the full moon day of shravan month. On that day people celebrate bonds of love and care.

In simple words, ‘Raksha’ means security and ‘bandhan’ means tie. It is the festival which celebrates the eternal and unique bond of love that siblings share

A sister ties a Rakhi around the wrist of brother and prays for his prosperous, long and joyful life. Then, brother gives her a promise to stand by her side through all thick and thin in life.

Siblings who are living away celebrate the day by sending them online Rakhi. Because bond matters, boundaries don’t.

Muhurat to tie Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan 2020 3rd August, Monday Aparahan Muhurat – 13:48 to 16:29 Duration 02 Hours, 41 Minutes Pradosh Time Muhurat- 19:10 to 21:17 Duration 02 Hours, 02 Minutes Purnima Tithi Begins – 21:28 (2nd August)

Raksha Bandhan Dates for Upcoming 5 years

  • Raksha Bandhan 2019 Thursday, August 15
  • Raksha Bandhan 2020 Monday, August 03
  • Raksha Bandhan 2021 Saturday, August 21
  • Raksha Bandhan 2022 Thursday, August 11
  • Raksha Bandhan 2023 Wednesday, August 30
  • Raksha Bandhan 2024 Monday, August 19
  • Raksha Bandhan 2025 Saturday, August 9

Different Indian Name of Rakshabandhan in different religion

Rakhi date 2020 Bablarakhi


Names and rituals of the same festival vary across the india. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with different names and methods according to different regions of India.

Some of the famous name of Rakshabandhan across India

Avani Avittam or Upakarma

Usually south indian people celebrate Upakarma or Avani Avittam on Shravana Purnima on the full moon night when the bramhan changes their yagnopavit or Janeyu.

Kajari Purnima

People from Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Bihar and Jharkhand region of India celebrate raksha bandhan as kajari purnima where farmers and women blessed with sons perform pooja. It’s 9 days of celebration start from the 9th day of shravana amavasya and 9th day of celebration called kajari navmi.

Narali Purnima or Nariyal Purnima

People from western india, specially Gujarat, maharashtra and goa celebrate raksha bandhan as nariyal purnima. Where they offer coconut to sea or god varuna ( God of sea) in respect of starting fishing from the day after nariyal purnima and pray to receive plentiful fish from sea.


On this day of pavitropana, people from gujarat celebrate this holy day in the name of god shiva and perform grand pooja.

So there are different rituals and beliefs that exist around the same festival.