Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the deliverable items (selected by the customers) wrapped and decorated in an exact similar (ditto) manner as they are shown doing on the website?

A1. Yes, the items we deliver look 110% the same as what is shown on the website. Unlike others, we neither claim nor publish anything like the following:

“A Rakhi will be shipped safely and exactly in the similar way as it is shown on the website. However, in case of any urgency or last-minute changes, we ship equally good quality Rakhis to the destination.”

Q2. What do all kinds of gifts you send along with Rakhi?

A2. We send free Chocolates, Rolichawal, and greeting cards. You can easily choose from our Rakhi Gift Hamper comprising of Rakhi with dry fruits, chocolates, sweets, and cookies. In addition to this, you can select from the add-on.

Q3. What materials have you used for making Rakhis?

A3. We have used pure cotton threads. In some cases ‘Resham’ thread has also been used.

Q4. Is there is a pearl and diamond Rakhi available in your store? How do you ensure the safety of such Rakhis while they are being shipped to the concerned destinations? Do you follow any regulations or guidelines to ensure the safety of the expensive stones and pearls fixed on the Rakhis?

A4. To ensure the safety and security of your packages, we use the services of the best and the most trustworthy-reliable courier company. We make sure that the Courier Company follows all the rules and regulations.

Q5. Maximum how many days are required to send Rakhi from one location to another within India?

A5. We take around four to five business days to ship your items within India with an added advantage of free shipping. We also provide you shipping code while the item is being shipped.

Q6. Do you deliver services outside India? If yes, then which all countries do you cover?

A6. We offer services in countries like the USA and Germany.

Q7.What is the pricing structure of delivering services to destinations outside India?
One table with a condition:

Q8. Do you refund money if the parcel gets damaged on the way or reaches late?

A8. It depends on the situation. The first and foremost thing is we never cancel any of our Rakhi orders; but in case a need arises, we certainly refund the money.

Q9. Do you have any option where I get to select the Rakhi Thali? Or can I prepare my own Rakhi Thali and then send it along with the Rakhi?

A9. Yes first check out the Rakhi Thali; then select Rakhis and lastly select an add-on to make a perfect Rakhi Gift Hamper for your loved one.

Q10. How do you manage to send sweets, chocolates, and other edible items along with Rakhi? Don’t they get perished on the way?

A10. We take special care of couriers that come with the label of perishable items.

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